Fresh & Simple Tomato Sauce

A jar of oozing fresh and simple tomato sauce, next to nut neatballs and basil

A fresh and simple tomato sauce made with market tomatoes at home is a delicious and versatile staple every kitchen needs. I’ve made sauces with tinned or bottled tomatoes, and they cannot compare to what you can make yourself! Homemade tomato sauce is a great base recipe that tastes delicious as is, or you can […]

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Five Minute Lemon & Basil Pesto

Lemon and basil pesto oozing out of a small jar, with fresh basil behind

Once you see how vibrant, delicious and fresh this pesto is, you’ll never again buy it from the shops! My lemon and basil pesto is vegan, gluten-free, creamy, zesty, smells sensational… It’s outright awesome. Make this in just five minutes and use it for so many things; pasta, salads, on pizza or tart bases, on […]

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Five Minute Basil Oil

A glass bowl of homemade basil oil surrounded by fresh basil leaves on a wooden board

Basil makes a wonderfully fragrant oil that you can drizzle over salads, soups, pasta, roast vegetables, or grains to bring your dish to the next level of deliciousness. It pairs perfectly with my pear and cucumber gazpacho! Alternatively, I recommend drizzling it over fresh tomatoes or on crusty bread. Basil and tomato is a match […]

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Roasted Almond Dukkah

A small jar containing home-made almond dukkah

After making this fragrant roasted almond dukkah, you’ll want to put it on everything as it’s so delicious! Dip your bread in it with some olive oil, put it all over your avocado, cauliflower, potatoes, tofu, soups, salads… just put it on! This recipe is quick and easy to make as an accompaniment to a meal […]

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Three-Ingredient Crispy Coconut ‘Bacon’

Crispy coconut-based bacon in a baking tray

Are you craving a hit of satisfying salty and crunchy goodness? Then this three-ingredient crispy coconut ‘bacon’ is what you need! This recipe requires just three ingredients, yet will make perfectly delicious and healthy coconut bacon that you can serve with salads, soups, sandwiches, dips or whenever you desire bacon bits. It’s easy to make, […]

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Homemade Vegetable Stock

A pot of homemade vegetable stock

What if I told you that you need never purchase stock from a shop again? This recipe is going to revolutionise your shopping, your cooking, and your kitchen waste! Ever since I started making my homemade vegetable stock from my recycled vegetable scraps, my food has never tasted better. You can now have a stock that is […]

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