Large Meals

Jacket Potatoes with Chipotle-Tamari Mushrooms & Carrot Salad

Jacket Potatoes with Chipotle-Tamari Mushrooms, Carrot Salad, and vegan mayonnaise on a decorative white plate

These jacket potatoes with chipotle-tamari mushrooms and carrot salad bring a new age twist to this old school goodness. The potatoes are baked until golden brown, smeared with mayonnaise, and loaded with the kind of toppings that will excite your senses and make you feel all cozy like you’re back in your mumma’s womb. Okay, […]

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Indonesian White Bean Gado Gado

A colourful bowl of Indonesian white bean gado gado served with a lime wedge, chopsticks, and peanut sauce

Indonesian white bean Gado Gado is one of my all-time favourite salads. A flavoursome bowl of fresh, crisp vegetables and tofu, drizzled with a spicy and nutty peanut dressing. It’s traditionally made with potatoes and egg, but I save some cooking time by making it with white beans. These have a texture quite similar to […]

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Pulled Jackfruit Gyros

Three pulled jackfruit gyros with lemon, dairy-free yoghurt and salad, served with lemon wedges on a wooden chopping board

If you think that eating a plant-based diet means that you can’t eat gyros any more – think again! Just because I’m vegan, that’s not to say I don’t like them. I just like mine ethically made, and these delicious pulled jackfruit gyros with smokey BBQ sauce certainly deliver. It’s mind-blowing how much the texture […]

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Powergreens Bowl with Pea, Spinach, & Tofu

Powergreens bowl with pea, spinach, tofu and dukkah served in a white ceramic bowl, next to crusty bread, half a lemon, and a small bowl of dukkah

My dad always has had his pride and joy: his organic veggie patch and fruit trees. As a kid, and when spinach was in season, my mum used to make me big a powergreens bowl of blended spinach with mashed potatoes which she called spinacha. It was my absolute favourite food, and I’d always ask […]

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Meaty, Nut Neatballs

Neat nutballs, served with fresh basil, homemade tomato sauce, and spaghetti in a speckled blue ceramic bowl with a small wooden serving spoon

Get your vegan meaty, nut neatballs right here! They’re delicious and incredibly addictive. I dare you not to try a few straight out of the hot pan. When I switched to a plant-based diet, I was surprised to realise that from all my old favourite meat dishes, the flavours rarely come from the meat. Instead, […]

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Mediterranean Soba Noodle Salad

Mediterranean soba noodle salad with roasted eggplant and cherry tomatoes, topped with toasted pine nuts and basil leaves, plated on a large white plate with a set of timber chopsticks and served with a glass of white wine

In Japan, soba noodles are traditionally served cold to enhance their texture, making them the perfect base for a salad. But, who said they had to be Japanese flavoured? Surely we can have a Mediterranean soba noodle salad! I dressed the noodles in my favourite European flavours: balsamic and maple roasted eggplant, blistered tomatoes, and fresh […]

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Chilli Smoked Tofu & Peanut Salad

Chilli smoked tofu and peanut in a blue bowl with wooden chopsticks, with a small bowl of black rice to the side

Inspired by a dish I fell in love with about ten years ago at a Sichuan restaurant, this chilli smoked tofu and peanut salad combines with a freshness and crunchiness that makes this a winning recipe, my friends. And best of all, it takes just ten minutes to prepare with zero cooking required! The restaurant […]

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Beetroot & Passionfruit Salad

A bowl of beetroot and passionfruit salad with baby spinach, macadamia nuts, fresh basil, radish, and orange juice dressing

Who knew beetroot and passionfruit were made for each other? Fresh and vibrant, with intriguing flavours, and it only takes a few minutes to throw together! The perfect balance of sweetness and tartness comes from the beets and fruit, brought together with a zesty orange dressing, and delightful crunch from the toasted macadamias. It makes […]

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Tofu Gnocchi with Blistered Tomatoes & Pesto

Tofu gnocchi served with blistered tomatoes, and lemon and basil pesto, on a speckled white plate

Forget everything you know about making gnocchi. It’s not hard! Well, not when you make it with silken tofu! Unlike traditional potato gnocchi, there’s no need to pre-cook anything for tofu gnocchi. Instead, all you do is throw the raw ingredients together in a bowl, mash it up, roll it out, chop them up, and […]

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Okra, Eggplant, & Lentil Cassoulet

A large skillet with okra, eggplant, and lentil cassoulet topped with a dollop of coconut yoghurt and olive oil, and served with a small bowl of white rice and seeds

Okra, eggplant, and lentil cassoulet is the bomb, and it makes the ultimate comfort meal. The flavour is smokey with loads of cumin and smoked paprika, and full of richness from the balsamic roasted eggplants and okra. Roasting the okra takes away the sliminess that’s otherwise inherent with this vegetable. If you haven’t tried okra […]

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