Five Minute Mango & Vanilla Bean Tofu Pudding

Three small blue ceramic bowls of mango tofu pudding, garnished with whipped vegan cream, cherries, and passionfruit pulp

This dreamy, creamy, five minute mango and vanilla bean tofu pudding is so delicious; you’ll be astounded how super healthy and packed full of protein it is. And, it’s dairy-free and vegan! These little pud-puds store well in the fridge so you can prepare them ahead of time, making them ideal for get-togethers. It’ll look like you […]

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Chai-Infused Semolina Porridge

Chai-infused semolina porridge in a black stone bowl, served with granola, strawberries, and shredded coconut

Chai-infused semolina porridge is the perfect breakfast for a cold morning. It’s warm and creamy, and the aromatic spices take the dish to the next level of decadence. Best of all, it only takes a few minutes to whip up before work in the morning! When I was little, my mum would often make me […]

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Caramelised Banana & Blueberry Tacos

Caramelised Banana and blueberry tacos with tahini and yoghurt on an aqua-coloured ceramic plate

Who said tacos had to be savoury!? The light nuttiness of tahini and smooth, creamy yogurt enhance the delicious caramelised bananas and fresh blueberries. The cacao nibs and coconut flakes add a satisfying crunch, and all this heavenly goodness is encased in a warm tortilla for you to (be)hold. I love a good breakfast taco! […]

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Ginger, Pear, & Tofu Vegan Muffins

Two ginger, pear, and tofu vegan muffins (one cut in half)

I always thought baking was not my forte, especially after I recently experimented with a ginger, pear, and tofu muffin recipe that didn’t turn out well. What I learned today is to never give up! With a few changes to my original recipe, I’ve created a simple process for the PERFECT muffin. It’s moist, fluffy, not too […]

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