Balsamic Berry & Apple Fruit Tostadas

By Silvia Morris Thursday, 17 January 2019
Balsamic berry and apple fruit tostadas on a long white serving plate, surrounded by strawberries and mint leaves

These heavenly balsamic berry and apple fruit tostadas start with a crispy wonton base, which you bake with a sprinkling of coconut sugar. Topping the wonton is a fresh and delicious ensemble of blueberries, strawberries, apple, tarragon, and mint that’s mixed with a moreish balsamic dressing. The creamy aquafaba meringue froth on top is luscious and makes these dessert tostadas perfect to serve up at a fancy dinner party, or for […]

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Pavlovafaba (Aquafaba Meringues)

By Silvia Morris Friday, 21 December 2018
Pavlovafaba (aquafaba meringues) garnished with whipped coconut cream, cherries, and lychees on a gunmetal ceramic plate

When I first heard that you could make meringues from the liquid in a can of chickpeas (aquafaba meringues), I couldn’t believe it (and thought it sounded thoroughly unappetising!) – and yet, I had to try it for myself. I whipped up my first can of chickpea liquid and was astounded at how the texture exactly resembled whipped egg whites. I couldn’t even taste the beans at all! Let’s be […]

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Jacket Potatoes with Chipotle-Tamari Mushrooms & Carrot Salad

By Silvia Morris Tuesday, 11 December 2018
Jacket Potatoes with Chipotle-Tamari Mushrooms, Carrot Salad, and vegan mayonnaise on a decorative white plate

These jacket potatoes with chipotle-tamari mushrooms and carrot salad bring a new age twist to this old school goodness. The potatoes are baked until golden brown, smeared with mayonnaise, and loaded with the kind of toppings that will excite your senses and make you feel all cozy like you’re back in your mumma’s womb. Okay, so maybe not that cozy, but they’re definitely comforting AF! 😜 The charred chipotle-tamari mushrooms […]

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Five Minute Mango & Vanilla Bean Tofu Pudding

By Silvia Morris Sunday, 11 November 2018
Three small blue ceramic bowls of mango tofu pudding, garnished with whipped vegan cream, cherries, and passionfruit pulp

This dreamy, creamy, five minute mango and vanilla bean tofu pudding is so delicious; you’ll be astounded how super healthy and packed full of protein it is. And, it’s dairy-free and vegan! These little pud-puds store well in the fridge so you can prepare them ahead of time, making them ideal for get-togethers. It’ll look like you spent hours in the kitchen to create them! When everyone has finished eating them, licking […]

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Dijon, Lemon, & Cumin Beetroot Hummus

By Silvia Morris Sunday, 4 November 2018
A vibrant plate of purple dijon, lemon, and cumin beetroot hummus garnished with chickpeas and fresh coriander, served with a handful of dukkah spiced pita chips

As a self-confessed hummus addict, I went through a phase of experimenting with many different hummus flavours. I’ve tried avocado hummus, turmeric hummus, capsicum hummus, onion hummus, mushroom hummus, but this dijon, lemon, and cumin beetroot hummus is always my favourite. Is there anything more satisfying than hummus? Yes! Hummus that you can whip up in just 5 minutes! My luscious dijon, lemon, and cumin beetroot hummus made with chickpeas is […]

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Dukkah Spiced Pita Chips

By Silvia Morris Sunday, 4 November 2018
A gun-metal blue ceramic plate with a pile of baked dukkah spiced pita chips

I can’t justify paying over $5 for a packet of baked pita chips at the supermarket, that contain no more than ten strips of pita (equal to around one piece of round pita bread). Why? Dukkah spiced pita chips are too cheap and easy to make at home! These dukkah spiced pita chips are deliciously fresh, crisp, and you can season them with whatever flavours you desire. Dukkah has such well-rounded flavours […]

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Indonesian White Bean Gado Gado

By Silvia Morris Saturday, 27 October 2018
A colourful bowl of Indonesian white bean gado gado served with a lime wedge, chopsticks, and peanut sauce

Indonesian white bean Gado Gado is one of my all-time favourite salads. A flavoursome bowl of fresh, crisp vegetables and tofu, drizzled with a spicy and nutty peanut dressing. It’s traditionally made with potatoes and egg, but I save some cooking time by making it with white beans. These have a texture quite similar to potatoes, with the benefit of added protein and nutrients. I created a delicious imitation runny […]

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Pulled Jackfruit Gyros

By Silvia Morris Friday, 19 October 2018
Three pulled jackfruit gyros with lemon, dairy-free yoghurt and salad, served with lemon wedges on a wooden chopping board

If you think that eating a plant-based diet means that you can’t eat gyros any more – think again! Just because I’m vegan, that’s not to say I don’t like them. I just like mine ethically made, and these delicious pulled jackfruit gyros with smokey BBQ sauce certainly deliver. It’s mind-blowing how much the texture and flavour of pulled jackfruit tastes like real meat. I season it with my special homemade […]

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Salted Peanut Caramel & Chocolate Popcorn

By Silvia Morris Sunday, 16 September 2018
Salted peanut caramel and chocolate popcorn overflowing from a deep, black pot

Salted peanut caramel!?! Need I say more? If you know me, then you’ll know I have a serious popcorn addiction. Being the salt-tooth that I am, I don’t usually enjoy sweet popcorn, and prefer to devour my popcorn with (vegan) butter and salt, or with nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavour….HOWEVER, this is my exception. This salted peanut caramel and chocolate popcorn has some sweetness without being overbearing. The saltiness […]

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Choc-Malt Coconut Ice Cream

By Silvia Morris Monday, 27 August 2018
Choc-malt coconut ice cream in a white boat-shaped dish, with dark chocolate sauce drizzled over the top and decorated with maple roasted pecans

I set out on a mission to create the creamiest dreamiest vegan ice cream ever! Here it is, friends: choc-malt coconut ice cream! This recipe makes a luscious dairy-free dessert that’s refined sugar-free, nut free, and gluten-free. As a bonus, I’ve enriched it with added protein powder and maca powder for extra nutrients and a natural energy boost. So… this ice cream is almost healthy enough for you to eat […]

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