Nutritional Facts Disclaimer

Some recipes on Silvobeat contain Nutritional Facts informational panels (“nutritional information“). Nutritional information is provided “AS IS” for general informational purposes only, without any guarantee of any kind as to the accuracy or reliability of such information.

Furthermore, nutritional information for some recipes will not include, for various reasons, a serving size next to Amount Per Serving. In such instances, nutritional information will be for the entire recipe rather than a single serving, based upon the ingredients, ingredient quantities, and servings originally published by Silvobeat.

Some recipes will not contain any nutritional information.

By modifying the ingredients, ingredient quantities, servings, and the cooking process, you may alter nutritional information for a recipe. Such changes will not be displayed in nutritional information on Silvobeat.

Please always consult your primary care provider should you have any questions or concerns about your diet.