I noticed our RSS feeds stopped working recently. These should now be working again; apologies for the downtime. If you’re not sure what RSS is, read on and be prepared to have your life changed!

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication – it’s the same thing. Some websites like ours announce support for it with a icon, but it’s generally available on most blogs.

It’s a simple way to subscribe to all of your favourite blogs in one place, rather than having to visit each site separately.

A collection of vegan blog posts in Feedly
A collection of vegan blog posts in Feedly

For example, I subscribe to some vegan food bloggers, apps we use for Silvobeat so I can stay on top of updates, outdoor companies like Patagonia to see what they’re doing on the environmental front, magazines like Dumbo Feather and Lagom for their inspiring stories, and dozens more.

The best bit is that you can quickly skim through all these posts, read or save for later the ones that tickle your fancy, and skip over the ones that don’t. There’s no ads, and no goat videos to distract you!

Unless you subscribe to a blog about goat videos, of course.

Are You Interested in Getting Started?

I use Feedly to manage the subscriptions and read them on my desktop PC. When I’m on my iPhone or iPad, I use Unread to read updates in a beautiful layout. The Feedly app is available everywhere, and it’s reading experience is very good – it’s just not quite as good as Unread!

Silvobeat has a couple of main feeds you can subscribe to:

If there’s a specific type of recipe you’d like to keep track of (for example, large meals, or gluten-free meals), you can subscribe by going to a recipe with that category, selecting the category from the bottom of the recipe, then adding that link to Feedly. Feedly will work out what you’re trying to subscribe to.

Advanced: OPML

If you’d like to take a look at every feed on Silvobeat in a list, then OPML is your best bet. It’s like a directory or outline of every RSS feed we offer. You can download the Silvobeat OPML file and import it directly into Feedly, which will give you a breakdown of every tag and category used in blog posts and recipes. Keep the ones that interest you, and delete the rest!